Note: Until confirmed, rates are subject to change without notice.

We have a maximum occupancy limit of five (5) adults or children. Our condo comfortably sleeps 4 adults with two Queen sized beds. There is room on the floor in the living room for an air mattress you supply. San Diego City law dictates our occupancy limitations and we ask that you respect the laws of our city.

Bayside Bungalow charges a $65 cleaning fee. We reserve the right to charge more out of your security deposit should the cleaning required exceed normal circumstances..

Parking in Mission Beach is tough. You are provided with one marked parking space adjacent to the building. This space will accommodate one small, compact vehicle. Large trucks, SUVs and full size cars will not fit into this space. Please do not park in the other spaces marked for other units unless instructed to do so by management.

You will be charge a fully refundable $250 security deposit. The security deposit protects us from theft and damage of furnishings and furniture. If you wish to replace the items yourself, please let us know before departure. It is left to our discretion how much to charge for missing or damaged items.  After you depart, we will return your security deposit (or part thereof) within 5 business days.

Bayside Bungalow is one of just a handful or vacation properties in Mission Beach that allows pets. We do not have a size restriction on your pets. We do limit you to two pets. Please do not allow pets on the furniture at any time. Please close the bedroom door when leaving pets unattended. We strongly advise bringing a kennel with you to avoid any possible mishaps when pets are left unattended. Please note that you will forfeit your security deposit of any damage is caused by your pet. When you leave, please use the vacuum to remove all pet hair. Please do not leave your pets unattended if they bark or howl. Remember, some animals who are normally quiet at home may feel a little anxious when they are on vacation - especially in the summer when Sea World has it's nightly firework show.

California is experiencing a drought. We hope you will help us conserve water and electricity by reusing your towels. Also, we are not a hotel with industrial machines. All of your laundry is done in the owner's home with a consumer washer and dryer. Please respect our property by avoiding using the towels if your hands are badly soiled with make-up or anything else that might stain. Towels, sheets and blankets that can not be returned to their original condition will be charged to you using your security deposit.


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